Saturday, April 02, 2011

It's My Birthday, Have A Present!

So, I just turned 21! Fear not, I'm safely in a bar somewhere having my parents buy me alcohol in a strange attempt at parent-daughter bonding, and this is being published automatically! (Assuming I do this right and it works...)

Because I'm awesome (and also because I wanted an excuse to post this up), here's an excellent Flash game, Tower of Heaven, as a backwards birthday present:


This is a platforming game in which you play a rather nondescript little guy who has decided to challenge the god of the tower, hoping to claim the reward and rid the land of tyranny.

The god is a petty, tyrannical asshat who makes up rules in an attempt to keep you from succeeding, and also for his own amusement at seeing you fail. As you advance further and further up the tower, the god becomes less amused and more irate at your presumption to challenge him.

Honestly, this feels like a pretty good representation of deity, as it would have be if it existed. Arbitrary rules, anger at those with less power (or perhaps more) who dare to challenge it, and ultimately, more a nuisance and threat than a benevolent creator.

And beyond the religious commentary, I thought it was a pretty fun and challenging game, too.

Still have to find that third secret, though....


  1. Nicole, bad girl! I don't need another game. I already have an addiction to those BigFish adventure games. It's actually caused shoulder issues. I'm sure I'll be playing it anyway. *sigh*

    Happy Birthday! I'll drink a boiler maker in your honor (any excuse for a drink).

  2. I have to make sure that I'm not the addicted-est! :D

    Glad to be giving people an excuse for a drink, though! I've definitely had a few myself, at this point, haha.

  3. Now you have to update your profile--it's so last year, calling you a 20-year-old.