Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Can We Rock Beyond Belief?

**EDIT (part two):  Those fucking hypocritical, lying bastards. Rock Beyond Belief has been canceled due to what, from the evidence, I can only assume is Colonel Stephen J. Sicinski's utter lack of moral fiber (though I'm sure he'll claim that he is being "moral" by killing this event), lack of dedication to the defense of the U.S. Constitution (which, I hear, is one of those things you swear to defend as a member of the armed forces), and general self-righteous favoritism.**

**EDIT: Those hypocritical, lying bastards. Ft Bragg is trying to wiggle out of supporting the event. I hope the courts eviscerate them. More info here on the Friendly Atheist.**

Does anyone know what's going on with this? I'm frankly a little more disturbed by the lack of information than if I knew what was wrong, I think.

That said, I'm also secretly hoping that the date might change... As it is, Rock Beyond Belief is scheduled for my 21st birthday, and while it would seriously be freaking awesome to spend my 21st at an event that just promises to be so ridiculously fantastic, I promised my parents (I know, I'm such a shut-in dork, but I spent my first Christmas away from home this year and I know they feel kind of neglected) that I'd go home and let them take me out to get me knackered before I knew when the event was going to be taking place. And I highly doubt that my Catholic parents are going to want to listen to people like Jen McCreight or Richard Dawkins, even before the fact that they'd have to drive six hours to do so (which is sad, and also part of the problem I have with my parents).

All in all, though, this is an event that needs to happen, regardless of my (utterly selfish and quite unimportant) personal ability to be there. We need to support those atheists in foxholes, and to support their freedom from religion. We need to let the government and the military know that it is not okay to discriminate based on religion or on lack thereof.

And hell, why not have a great time doing it?


  1. Hi Nicole! I saw your post on the Friendly Atheist- This is my testimony-
    I blog as a Crazy Cat Lady and Grandma- but I on ExChristian , The Thinking Atheist, Love PZ Meyers... I attend CFI- the Transnational office is only a few miles from my house here in Amherst- Buffalo- NY... I'm on Facebook as Carmelynn Pitrelli Cole

  2. Hey Carm! Nice to meet you. You're so lucky to live so near the CFI office there! Not that I'm complaining about the group I've got here; they're great, too :]

    I'll be adding a contact link to the site soon, if you ever want to contact me outside the comments here!