Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Women's History Month... So Get Back in the Kitchen

As I'm sure you all know, since International Women's Day was just last week, March is Women's History Month. Now, deny it as some might, gender equality is still not as widespread as it ought to be, and I wholeheartedly applaud those who are bringing that fact further into the public spotlight.

I appreciate the free self-defense classes that are offered to women (and men) on campus here at Virginia Tech. While in a perfect world, we wouldn't have to worry about having to defend ourselves, being able to do so is definitely an empowering skill.

When I saw that the weight room in the gym was being cleared for a women-only session, I was totally jazzed. It's intimidating to walk into a room of sweaty dudes and try to figure out how to use some obscure piece of equipment. I think it's great that the gym took a day to make sure that the ladies on campus had a chance to learn how to use that stuff.

I'm having a hard time, however, with how our cafeterias decided to celebrate Women's History Month. Don't get me wrong -- I'm glad they're acknowledging it. But... cupcakes?

 Like I said, I'm glad that there's something going down, but could they have chosen a more stereotypical way to celebrate? Perhaps I'm just oversensitive about this, but this struck me as sexist, and almost made me want to not go to the event. But, you know, the siren song of sugar...

I feel like it would be far more awesome if something that women generally didn't cook was the focus of this event. Ladies don't get to grill a lot, for example. What if there was a grilling demonstration? I'd go to that in a hot second.

I guess I'm just peeved that for Women's History Month, instead of encouraging college women to get out there and learn new things and challenge stereotypes, they seem to suggest that we get our girly asses back in the kitchen.


  1. I had to laugh at the cupcakes (even with the yummy factor).

    It may just be that cupcakes are easy compared to other culinary endeavors. I've worked in colleges most of my adult life, and I've seen quite a few events with high possibilities turned into muck by laziness. It could also be considered safer than a group grilling workshop.

    However, I do think it would be much cooler to have a grillng workshop. Or, maybe, a workshop on cooking skills needed while camping or even a workshop on women's health and food. Obviously, there were lots of possibilities for this.

  2. Every year we have a soup day where everything is really awesome soup, a chili week where the chili is spicier every day, gingerbread houses (including a giant one modeled off Burrus Hall this year), a chocolate day when all "daily special" foods include chocolate... I will say many things about our cafeterias (mostly relating to the fact that they're awesome) and lazy does not factor in to our menu.

    Virginia Tech has the top rated college food in the country. We're spoiled rotten when it comes to our cafeterias, I will gladly admit after spending a year eating at ODU's cafeteria.

    I can see where grilling could be considered dangerous to have us do indoors, but even just a basic "this is how you do it, here watch while we do it" would be awesome. Or, as you said, something related to women's health. The cupcakes just kill me with the stereotyping.

  3. I just went to the link. Wow! You're very lucky. I went to Murray State University for my BA and MA. I only ate at our main cafeteria once and gave it a second go just in case. I avoided it at all costs after that.

  4. It is definitely something I'm very glad my university's invested in. It's a huge step up from the food at the first university I attended.